If you are reading this page I expect you are already in pain or are concerned about your alignment, posture or muscle-balance. This was my situation some twenty years ago when severe low back pain meant at times I could hardly stand and, when I did, I was leaning over at forty-five degrees!

I found McTimoney Chiropractic with its gentle, low-force adjustments of such benefit I went on, in 2002, to qualify as a Chiropractor. I combine Chiropractic adjustments with Soft-Tissue Release and Corrective Exercise. If a muscle is “over-working” it is likely to shorten and tighten and need to be released. If a muscle is over-working, this is often because there is another muscle “under-working” and not doing it’s job adequately. This muscle will need to be re-activated through Corrective Exercise. These are my “3 Rs”: Realignment; Release and Reactivation.

Treatment takes a whole-body approach. I do not just focus on where the pain is. The area in pain is usually the “victim” of the body’s bad bio-mechanics rather than the cause of the problem. Dysfunction in the core (lumbar spine and pelvis) can cause trouble in an extremity (e.g. knee pain) and similarly an issue in an extremity (e.g. foot pain) can eventually cause a problem in the core.

Pain can seem like it is itself the problem but pain is best understood as a warning signal. Here at the Hunter Clinic, I will always be sure to listen carefully to how you experience your problem before by physical examination (standing, moving, sitting and lying down) working out what needs to change.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hunter 


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