Texting can damage your spine

Text Neck Article in The Telegraph 16 10 2015

From the Office of Andrew Hunter, Chiropractor:- Children ‘becoming hunchbacks’ due to addiction to smart phones By Victoria Ward3:50PM BST 16 Oct 2015 Children as young as seven are developing hunchbacks and curved spines because of the hours spent bending over smart phones and tablets, a chiropractor has claimed. Dr James Carter warned that he […]

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The History of McTimoney Chiropractic

Chiropractor Andrew Hunter writes:- John McTimoney was one of four children born 9th March 1914 in Edgbaston, Birmingham. His father died when he was only nine months old. Aged eleven, John McTimoney went to the Birmingham School of Art. There he learned engraving and silver-smithing. His sister suffered polio in childhood and he used to […]

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