Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment

Many of our patients tell us they initially avoided visiting a Chiropractic clinic because they were afraid of the treatment. They weren’t sure just what a Chiropractor could do for them and they had mixed feeling about subjecting themselves to potentially uncomfortable treatments.

This lack of understanding amongst the general public is something that we constantly battle with in the Chiropractic field. In fact, we believe Chiropractic is a relatively safe and conservative form of treatment, especially if surgery or long-term drug use are considered as alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of the more common questions that people have regarding Chiropractic methods.

What Kind of Physical Problems are Treated with Chiropractic Adjustment?

At the Hunter Clinics we treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems in patients aged from mid-teens to old age. While our focus is on spinal problems giving rise to pain in the back and neck, we also treat many other common problems such as shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot, arm and hand problems.

In the McTimoney Chiropractic system, it is well understood that the body needs to be treated as a whole rather than just treating the part of the body which is in pain. The area in pain may just be the “victim” of something that’s happened somewhere else. Somewhere else something has gone wrong which is causing problems for the area which hurts. Therefore, it’s very important not to “chase the pain” and just focus on the place where it hurts but rather instead to consider the whole body.

The McTimoney Chiropractic Technique is mainly focused on adjustments for misalignment but also uses mobilisations. These adjustments and mobilisations are also supplemented with soft-tissue release work, corrective exercise and advice, especially on posture, lifting and movement.

Concerned about Choosing the Right Chiropractor?

Everyone likes to feel comfortable with their healthcare provider. It is a very personal relationship and needs to be built on trust, communication and honesty. At the Hunter Clinic, we try to give each patient as full an explanation of their condition and of their treatment as is practicable. We also welcome your comments and feedback as the examination and treatment continue and hope you will feel comfortable with the care we provide.

Reactions to Treatment

The most common reaction to treatment is tiredness but occasionally patients will tell us they felt a bit stiff or sore the day after treatment and this may continue for a day or two. Whilst relatively uncommon, this is considered a “normal” reaction to treatment and is something to be monitored rather than be unduly concerned about. The reaction is simply the body settling down and adjusting to the changes it has experienced from the treatment.

Usually, as the patient is treated, the reactions typically become less and less each time and, it may well be that after a handful of treatments, these reactions disappear altogether. Usually, in our experience, a visit to the Chiropractor is a pleasant and positive experience that results in a reduction in pain and discomfort and an experience of greater ease and mobility.

If you are looking for a chiropractor, we hope you will visit the Hunter Clinic. We have three clinics in the Greater London Area, based at Canary Wharf, in The City at Moorgate and Blackheath (SE3). At your first appointment, full attention will be paid to your telling of the history of your problem and we will use best endevours by means of physical examination to fully understand it’s cause.

If it is felt the Hunter Clinic does not have the right skill set to deal with your problem, we will refer you to the appropriate professional. Or, if we feel further investigation is needed, we would refer you back to your GP for an X-ray or MRI scan, etc. We hope you are encouraged to call us on 07855916602 to see if Chiropracitc care at the Hunter Clinic is right for you.

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