First appointment (consultation and treatment, up to one hour) – £65

Follow-up appointment (treatment, up to 30 minutes) – £45

Please note, infrequently, patients may need longer appointments. This could be, for example, because they have multiple problems or perhaps because they live out of London and cannot easily return. In such cases, after the first appointment, the cost will increase in line with the length of time of the appointment: 45 minutes for £65 and one hour for £90. This will always be discussed and agreed before a longer follow-up appointment.

Your treatment may include, as needed, Chiropractic adjustment, joint mobilisation, soft-tissue release, corrective exercise etc. The treatment you need will be discussed at the appointment.

Methods of Payment

Payment is always made at the time of the appointment.

At the Light Centre, Moorgate, only – Debit & Credit Card. NB Credit card cannot be accepted at either Canary Wharf or Blackheath.

If your treatment is funded by an insurance company, you will be provided with a receipt for the insurance company at the time of payment.

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