Emmett Technique


Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique is best known as a safe, low-force method of muscle release. It has been developed by Australian Remedial Therapist Ross Emmett who originally needed to treat farm animals whilst on his own in the Outback.

Emmett Technique is nowadays used both on humans and animals to help ease pain and discomfort and to release movement restrictions. Emmett Technique uses light finger pressure to press on specific points. This can gently release tension in, for example, the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or foot. These points are often held for up to twenty seconds.

Also, muscles and tendons can be “switched over” or flicked to help them release. The Technique is very nonaggressive with only light pressure being used. The use of light pressure only means Emmett Technique is very safe and is well tolerated by old and young alike. Emmett Technique also goes beyond simple muscle release. For example, it also includes a protocol to assist lymphatic drainage.

Whilst individual experiences may vary, results are often immediate. The Technique is non-invasive and involves no drugs, massage oils, mobilisations or high velocity thrusts.

At your first visit, which lasts an hour, you will be asked some questions about your general health and the reasons for your visit. Simple movements and other tests may be performed (standing, sitting or lying down) to better understand any pain or problems you may be experiencing, including restrictions in your ability to move.

Treatments may be done while you are fully clothed, although some garments may need to removed or loosened. Follow-up sessions are for 30-minutes. Emmett Technique can either be used as a complete therapy on its own or in combination with other skills an Emmett Practitioner may have.

McTimoney Chiropractor Andrew Hunter first trained in Emmett Technique in October 2011 and completed Modules 1-6 in November 2012 and so achieved full practitioner status. Chiropractor Andrew Hunter’s approach is to use Emmett Technique in conjunction with the other modalities he uses including low-force McTimoney Chiropractic adjustment plus postural, movement and exercise advice.

In 2013, The McTimoney Chiropractic Association sponsored two training courses in Emmett Technique, demonstrating the compatibility of Emmett and McTimoney Chiropractic Techniques.

To book an appointment with Emmett and McTimoney practitioner Andrew Hunter at one of his three London clinics (Canary Wharf, The City and Blackheath) please call 07855 916 602.

Emmett Technique Website: www.emmett-uk.com

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