It’s That Time of Year Again: Introducing McTimoney Chiropractic

It’s That Time of Year Again: Introducing McTimoney Chiropractic.


The voice on the phone sounds panicky.


“My back” he’s saying, “It’s gone”. “And, I’m supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow! Can you help?”


This is a common telephone call for this time of year. From desperate people, in pain, and running out of time.


“What happened?” I say.


He replies: “Well, I just woke up and I could hardly move. I’ve managed to stand up but I’m leaning over at a funny angle”.


“OK”, I say. “Is the pain just in the back or does it go down the legs as well?”


He says it’s just in the lower back. He adds “My mate’s mum sees a McTimoney Chiropractor, that’s why I’m calling you. Do you think I’ll be able to go to France tomorrow?”


I reply “I need to see you to be able to answer that. I’ve got a gap at 3.00. Do you think you can make it in?” Mike (not his real name) says yes and we conclude the phone call.


Mike’s lucky. He’s heard of McTimoney Chiropractic and is able to ask for it by name.


Surprisingly few people are.


McTimoney Chiropractic is perhaps the best kept secret in Chiropractic. Chiropractic itself has now been around for over one hundred years. It’s a system based on hands-on spinal care and is a well accepted alternative to taking pain killing drugs. The vast majority of patients have low back or neck pain but Chiropractors can treat many other musculoskeletal problems as well.


The McTimoney method of Chiropractic originated in the 1970s when a very successful Oxfordshire based Chiropractor called John McTimoney began to teach. Nowadays the McTimoney College of Chiropractic is based in Abingdon near Oxford and teaches a five-year training course in Chiropractic. The McTimoney method is a highly distinctive form of Chiropractic. The adjustments given to the patient’s spine are always low-force. That is, the adjustments are relatively gentle. As the adjustments are low-force they are suitable for people of all ages and are well-tolerated by patients.


The focus of the McTimoney Chiropractor is on the alignment of the spine and pelvis and of the other bones. Misalignment and joint problems can occur for many reasons such as incorrect lifting, car or sporting injuries, falls, poor posture and stress.


The McTimoney Chiropractor is trained to assess both by looking at the patient (standing, sitting, walking and lying down) and by palpation. Palpation is when the Chiropractor assesses the patient by touch. The Chiropractor is able to palpate the alignment of the bones and also the condition of the muscles around them. These muscles may be in spasm or short and tight. They may need to be softened and lengthened and by specialist methods of soft-tissue release alongside Chiropractic adjustment. These palpation based skills are not easy to acquire and need considerable training and practice over years to work effectively.


Beyond being a low-force approach to Chiropractic, McTimoney is also a “whole-body” method. That is it recognises that the place where the pain is may not be the cause of the problem. The location of the pain may just be the “victim” of something happening elsewhere. If this primary dis-balance is not properly addressed then the problem will keep on coming back.


The typical problems seen by McTimoney Chiropractors include back, neck and shoulder pain;  pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints plus muscular aches and sports injuries. Often patients have been suffering for a very long time before seeking out Chiropractic treatment.


It turned out that Mike had been suffering from quite severe lower back pain for ten years before making his phone call for treatment the day before his holiday!  He was lucky, he got to go to France but it would have been much easier if he had had a course of treatment earlier and he hadn’t ignored all the warning signals for so long.


If you would like to be assessed for McTimoney Chiropractic and experience a McTimoney Treatment in London please call Andrew Hunter on 07855916602. His website is

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