Proprioceptive Muscle Testing


Proprioceptive Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing was first comprehensively described by Kendall and Kendall in the textbook ‘Muscle Testing & Function’ published in 1949. This approach was controversially expanded by Chiropractic Dr. George Goodheart in his system which he called “Applied Kinesiology” (AK). Subsequently, there have been many different presentations of and further elaborations on Goodheart’s approach. One example of the systems now using muscle testing would be David Weinstock’s Neurokinetic Therapy.

Having surveyed the field, the method of muscle testing favoured by Chiropractor Andrew Hunter DC is the method developed by Australian Chiropractor Simon King. Simon was originally a teacher of Applied Kinesiology as well as a Chiropractor. At time of writing, this is believed to be the most streamlined and easy to apply systematic method of manual muscle testing currently available. This method quickly allows the Chiropractor to assess if the patient has any inhibited or “weak” muscles.

The goal of proprioceptive muscle testing is to test the patient’s ability to withstand an external force. External forces are the cause of injury and our primary defence against them relies on our sensory ability to detect them and our motor response to protect ourselves from them. Indeed, the primary advantage in having a nervous system at all is to allow an organism to adapt to or resist changes in the external environment. Simon King therefore suggests the basic unit of health should be strength (see Ruiz study below).

Andrew Hunter learned this method of muscle testing from Simon King in January 2015. Previously in September 2014 Andrew had also studied this same method with Chiropractor Ulrik Sandstrom. Ulrik Sandstrom also learned his manual muscle testing from Simon King. Ulrik has been for many years the Chiropractor for Leicester Tigers, the professional rugby union club and so has tremendous experience of utilising manual muscle testing when working with elite athletes.

To experience a proprioceptive manual muscle testing assessment at one of Chiropractor Andrew Hunter’s three London clinics (Canary Wharf, City of London at Moorgate or Blackheath), please telephone 07855 916 602.


Muscle Testing & Function by Kendall, 5th Edition, 2010 published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Research – The association between muscular strength and mortality in men: prospective cohort study. Jonatan R. Ruiz at al. BMJ 2008 July 12; 337(7661): 92-95
Conclusion: “Muscular strength seems to add to the protective effect of cardiorespiratory fitness against the risk of death in men. It might be possible to reduce all cause mortality among men by promoting regular resistance training involving the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body two or three days a week.”

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